Fulton is ready to meet new DOE Energy Standards

Fulton’s bold philosophy of innovative heat transfer solutions has resulted in numerous industry firsts, reducing our carbon footprint. Discover how Fulton’s low-NOx products help in moving our industry away from the current antiquated technology and to tomorrow’s renewable fuel.

Heat and steam have a played vital role in civilization since the discovery of fire. Yet only recently have aggressive steps been taken to reduce the environmental impact of heat transfer processes.

One way of doing this is by reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are produced during the combustion of fossil fuels and significantly contribute to air pollution and global warming.

Ever since its founder invented the vertical tubeless boiler in 1947, Fulton continues to lead the way as an industry innovator with its current line of boilers offering sustainability on par with their reliability and performance.

Benefits of Fulton’s Energy-Efficient technology include:

  • Lower CO2 emissions due to a reduction of fossil fuel usage
  • Low NOx burners as a standard in their flagship products, including the ENDURA+ hydronic boiler
  • Zero on-site emissions from selected electric boilers

Specifying Fulton Condensing Boilers will guarantee full compliance with the latest DOE efficiency standards.

Fulton Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

  • Endura XE — 399k – 750k BTU/Hr, Up to 15:1 Turndown, Flame-by-Wire™ Combustion, Real-Time O2 Compensation™
  • Endura — 750k – 2 Million BTU/Hr, Up to 15:1 Turndown, Flame-by-Wire™ Combustion, Real-Time O2 Compensation™
  • Endura — 2.5 Million – 12 Million BTU/Hr, Up to 30:1 Turndown, Flame-by-Wire™ Combustion, Real-Time O2 Compensation™
  • Vantage — 2 Million – 6 Million BTU/Hr, Efficiencies up to 99%, Dual-Fuel Gas and No. 2 Oil, Industrial Grade Construction

Additional Fulton boilers offering industry-leading efficiencies include:

The VSRT, which can reduce operating costs by 20% and provide leading efficiencies without the use of an external economizer to recover heat. Low NOx burners maximize cycling and increase the life of the boiler, with efficiency as high as 86%.

Electric boilers such as the VSRT-E, a hybrid (gas and electric) model that runs at an efficiency of up to 99% when running on electric operation.

Models such as the Classic, with a range of fuel options including biofuel.

As Department of Energy and local government directives force increasingly stringent standards on efficiency and sustainability, Fulton will continue to offer boilers and equipment at the forefront of technology and innovation.

For more information on Fulton’s line of Low NOx boilers, call us at ATI to discuss what products best suit your heat and energy needs.