Expertly Skilled Technicians Equipped to Diagnose, Repair and Maintain Your Advanced Commercial Heating Systems

We provide end-to-end critical building energy services for business and facility owners across the Metro-NY area.

ATI Technical Services, Inc.

We are the sister company and service division of Applied Technologies of NY, Inc.

For businesses powered by a mission-critical boiler plant, productivity and outcomes are determined by the readiness of their equipment. ATI Technical Services, Inc. offers efficient and reliable boiler room service to ensure your commercial or industrial heating system operates at maximum efficiency.

Our skillfully trained and highly-qualified team can perform an array of services to enhance performance so you get the most out of your investment.

Our prompt communication, convenient scheduling and dependable service further demonstrates our competency to reduce downtime and keep your critical operation running safely and smoothly.

Who We Are

We service and repair commercial/industrial steam and hydronic boilers, burners, pumps, water heaters, gas booster systems, boiler room equipment and more.

ATI brings decades of experience, technical training and expertise working with a variety of heating systems to meet your emergency repair and maintenance needs.

Our team provides technical services to ensure your equipment is operating as safely and efficiently as possible so you get the most out of your boiler room equipment.

BOiler Tune-up Technician

Increase Your Boiler’s Lifespan with NYC DEP Annual/Triennial Boiler Tune-ups

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