Company: IBM – Somers, NY
Engineer: JMV Engineering
Contractor: Skanska

The Central Heating Plant boilers were in ill repair and in need of replacement. Height restrictions in the mechanical space limited the boiler room options. ATI was called upon to provide a solution to supply two (2) 600 HP, #2 oil fired Low NOx scotch marine hot water boilers to replace some existing Cleaver Brooks CB boilers.

The chosen solution was a pair of Hurst Series 250, 2-pass high efficiency boilers. The thermal efficiency of these boilers surpasses that of most 3 or 4 pass boilers due to the construction of their XID high efficiency tubes. These tubes effectively turbulate flue gasses resulting in higher heat transfer and lower stack temperatures. The result is a high efficiency application with a lower profile than most competing boiler technologies in a scotch marine configuration.

The Boilers are powered with Power Flame CMAX high efficiency low NOx oil burners. The burners are controlled by Preferred Boiler Mate controllers employing the functions of parallel positioning, O2 trim, flame safeguard, flue gas recirculation (for low NOx), sequenced draft control and temperature setpoint control. A separate wall mounted Burner Mate Controller is performing the BMS interface and sequencing.

The resulting performance of the boilers has been greater than expected in both reduced maintenance and operating cost.

Future plans for this boiler room include the replacement of a third CB boiler with a Hurst/Power Flame combination scotch marine boiler.


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April 17, 2023