Expanding the Capabilities of LNK International

The Project

Nestled in Hauppauge, New York, LNK International is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid dose and solid dose, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. As a family owned and operated company, LNK International has spent the last three decades developing an impeccable reputation for delivering the best quality products, driving innovation, and backing it all up with outstanding customer service.

Much of what LNK International has been able to and continues to do hinges on the ability to rely on a dependable steam boiler system. And when LNK was looking to expand into a new 40,000 square foot facility, they turned to ATI of New York for a robust boiler room solution.

The Solution

From the beginning, the team at ATI of New York worked closely with LNK. Because we have exclusive experience helping other biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, we were able to create a comprehensive package that met their current and future needs. After conducting a needs analysis, we suggested a Fulton skid package that included:

  • Two Fulton VMP-80, 80 HP, Natural Gas Fired, Vertical, Low Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Fulton HT-200, Horizontal Boiler Feed System with steam injection
  • Fulton F-75 Blowdown Separator
  • Fulton FB-900-910S Water Softener
  • Fulton Deluxe Chemical Feed System
  • Synex Modsync Master Control Panel

Due to the individual components included in the skid package, the warranty was doubled from five years to 10 years.


Fulton VMP-80 Skid Package for Pharmaceutical Processing

The Fulton Vertical Multi-Port Steam Boiler boasts the ability to meet LNK’s need for steam for pharmaceutical processing. The compact vertical design of the boiler was especially helpful because it required less floor space, which meant more space for generating profits. Above all, the VMP delivers steam quality above 99%, which was vital in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products produced by LNK.

Bolstered by a rugged and durable design, the VMP is proven to deliver outstanding value over the life of the equipment. In fact, it offers exceptional fuel-to-steam efficiencies of up to 84%. As an added bonus, the VMP-80 is equipped with the Siemens LMV Linkageless Control, which helps to further improve the efficiency of the system.

When it comes to reliability, the VMP is engineered for durability and heavy-duty applications.The pressure vessel thickness is more than 30% above ASME requirements.


Fulton HT-200

The Fulton HT-200 is a horizontal boiler feed system with steam injection. This piece of equipment works to ensure feed water is properly delivered and condensate is collected. The steam injection system is used for systems with little or no condensate return. It works to pre-heat the boiler feed water and reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen, which lowers the likelihood of corrosion and thermal shock.

Fulton F-75 Blowdown Separator

The Fulton FT-75 blowdown separator safely separates steam from the boiler’s blow-off water. It moves water from the boiler during the process of blowdown and safely lowers it to the right atmospheric pressure before disposing.

Fulton FB-900-910S Water Softener

Water softening is the most common type of water pre-treatment. This system confidently takes pre-treated water and removes hardness from it. It then replaces those harmful chemicals with non-hardness forming salts, which is imperative to LNK’s pharmaceutical processing.

Fulton Deluxe Chemical Feed System

Because LNK International had a hyper focus on efficiency, we suggested the Fulton Deluxe Chemical Feed System. Impurities in the boiler feed water can result in complications with the boiler’s efficiency. The Fulton Deluxe Chemical Feed System doses chemicals into either the boiler feed water line or condensate return/feed water tank to modify or remove impurities.


The Synex ModSync Sequencing System

LNK International needed multiple boilers as part of their design, so we employed the Synex ModSync Master Control Panel. This boiler sequencing system helps ensure every boiler in the system shares the load and the entire system functions at the highest level of efficiency. Best of all, the ModSync System will do this in addition to interfacing with virtually all building management systems at LNK International’s new state-of-the-art facility.

Contact Applied Technologies of New York

Whether you need a standard solution or a more custom skid-mounted boiler system, ATI of New York can help. We’ll work closely with you to provide the complete design, commissioning, manufacturing, and assembly of your skid-mounted systems and prefabricated packaged plantroom.


Posted on

April 17, 2023