Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Location: Amneal Pharmaceuticals – Yaphank, NY
Engineer: WSP Engineering
Contractor: Kulka Construction/Mechanical Energy Solutions

Amneal Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical manufacturing company with many locations throughout the US and the world. ATI was called in by Kulka construction to facilitate and provide equipment for a new high pressure steam plant for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in their Horseblock Rd facility in Yaphank, NY.

The new plant is comprised of a marriage of many of ATI’s premier manufacturers including Hurst, Power Flame, Fulton and Sierra Monitoring Corp. After many hours of design review and cooperation between all parties, the final scope included three (3) Hurst 500 HP Series 500 4-pass high pressure scotch marine boilers with integral economizers, three (3) Power Flame LNICM10B-G-30 Low NOx gas fired burners, a Hurst 20,000 lb./hr. Surge Tank/Deaerator, a Hurst blowdown separator, a Fulton Flash tank, chemical feed system and Synex ModSync plant master control and a Sierra Gas Monitoring System.

The plant control is a unique integration of all components. The Synex system controls and monitors all equipment and communicates back to the BMS system via BacNet protocol. In addition to controlling and monitoring boiler performance the Synex system is also monitoring and annunciating steam flow, fuel consumption and, in conjunction with the Sierra Monitoring System, CO and CH4.

The burners are high efficiency, low emission, sub 30 PPM low NOx Power Flame CMAX burners. They are controlled by Siemens LMV52 systems employing parallel positioning, O2 trim, flue gas recirculation, setpoint control & flame monitoring. Sequenced draft is provided through Power Flame model DC-4 draft controls.

The system was successfully commissioned and integrated by ATI Technicians who also performed extensive on-site training of Amneal’ s operating personnel and management team.


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April 17, 2023