ATI Technical Services Ensures Boiler Compliance with annual tune-ups to meet NYC guidelines

ATI Technical Services, the service division of ATI of NY, recognizes the critical importance of adhering to New York City’s boiler tune-up guidelines. This is a NYC requirement with mandatory fees associated with the filings paid each year.

In New York City’s push towards a sustainable energy landscape, the effective functioning of individual boiler systems is of paramount importance for optimizing efficiency, realizing cost savings, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

ATI Technical Services stands out as a premier provider in the industry, boasting technicians who hold coveted certifications from the City of New York for conducting licensed annual boiler tune-ups. This distinguished certification not only reflects our commitment to compliance with NYC regulations but also underscores our expertise in ensuring optimal performance and safety of boiler systems.

Our team’s specialized skills enable us to meticulously fine-tune boilers according to rigorous standards, enhancing efficiency, reducing emissions, and prolonging equipment lifespan. With safety, efficiency, and compliance at the forefront, ATI Technical Services ensures that boiler owners meet the mandatory requirements set forth by NYC authorities.

Below are the NYC Annual Tune-up / DEP Triennial Renewal details. See if your system needs to comply:

Boiler Size Range: 70 HP (2.8 MBTU) – 100 HP (4.0 MBTU)
Requirements: Annual tune-ups must be performed yearly, and the customer must maintain tune-up records for the past 5 years.

Boiler Size Range: Above 100 HP (4.2 MBTU)
Requirements: Requires CO renewal every 3 years performed by a NYC DEP Qualified Tester.


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