Company: PepsiCo – Purchase, NY
Engineer: Robert Derector Associates
Contractor: Paverini Construction & B.P. Mechanical

The entire mechanical room at Pepsi Headquarters in Purchase NY was marked for replacement including all boilers, chillers and associated mechanical systems.

In an effort to increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint, Pepsi decided to replace the entire boiler plant with condensing boilers for generating heat and domestic hot water.

ATI was asked to provide a condensing boiler solution that included fuel flexibility and industrial grade quality in a condensing hot water boiler solution. The perfect answer was the Fulton Vantage condensing boiler.

Robert Derector Associates (RDA), in conjunction with ATI & Fulton designed a bank of six (6) Fulton boilers to do the job. The boilers all have the capability of firing gas and/or #2 fuel oil. The boilers have the ability to condense on either fuel as long as the fuel oil (when burning fuel oil) is of low sulfur composition as mandated by NY State.

The plant is controlled by a Synex (a Fulton Company) ModSync plant master controller. The Synex panel controls the entire boiler room including sequencing the 6 boilers, resetting boiler water temperature based on outdoor air temperature, operating and controlling the Induced Draft Fans for the breeching & chimney system, controlling the VFD Drives for the pumps, controlling the boiler isolation valves, calculating efficiency, monitoring fuel flow and consumption and regulating/controlling a dual header configuration by diverting a portion of the boiler energy to a domestic hot water heat exchanger package.


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April 17, 2023